Brand Partnership

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Making The Complex Simple

Across all the work with our long-term partner Hewlett-Packard Enterprises (HPE), our goal remains consistent: bring their complex capabilities to life with clarity and impact. Distill, then create across film, brand identity, and events.

Stories In Motion

In our creative strategy, we aim to beautifully communicate HPE’s technology to consumers, vendors, and internal stakeholders.

Brand narratives extend from product-specific to customer-centric to anthemic. And the visual and verbal language is tailored to the subject – there is no one style or solution.

Following are some recent examples of our partnership in action.

Edge-to-Cloud: HPE GreenLake

The HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform provides unmatched and transformational capabilities to power applications and data. In the process, becoming freer and flowing both outside and inside the data center, distributed clouds, and edge environments.

The anthem film for GreenLake leans metaphorically into the environment imagery and water as a single source but transforms into multiple distributed streams of data.

Compute Day

HPE Storage Day called for an emotive and dynamic vision film that conveys the importance of free-flowing data no matter where in the world we call home. We brought this idea to life by imagining a multi-national research project that has to share vast quantities of information across continents in real-time.

The Edge

For The Edge, we told a beautiful story that simultaneously inspires and informs our audience about the power of free-flowing data. The Edge is about the future and embracing the possibilities of what’s to come, so for this anthem film, we brought the idea of data migration to life through captivating scenes of nature and an empowering journey to the edge of what’s known.

HPE Discover: Virtual Content Series 2020

When major tech conferences went virtual in 2020, we were ready to help HPE develop original programming that would drive registration, engagement, and brand equity for their global Discover events.

The films we concepted, wrote, directed, designed, and produced included productions spanning the world and a cast of sports luminaries… from Lewis Hamilton to Coach Steve Kerr to Mercedes F1’s Toto Wolff.

HPE Discover: Virtual Content Series 2021

In 2021 our partnership extended to a new series of films that goes deeper into HPE’s commitment to unconditional inclusivity, featuring conversations with Megan Rapinoe, Lewis Hamilton, Michelle Wie West, Sarah Thomas, and Susie Wolff about both women in technology and being an unequivocal champion for change.

Building A Brand Hub

In creating a graphic architecture and motion toolkit, we developed a complete system for HPE partners and employees that was clearly explained, methodical, and easy to use. The goal was for them to feel creativity and confidence when working with every component of the brand.

A consumer-centric approach for traditional B2B deliverables. We are consistently adding to HPE’s library of creative content. With strategy, script development, design, and live action — we craft compelling stories of tech advancement that engage targeted business prospects and employees at every level.

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