BET Awards

Identity + Campaign


Grounded in our longstanding partnership with BET, we’ve brought a unique focus and energy to the graphics packages for three different BET Awards shows. Dynamic and bold. We are always highlighting and celebrating the home of black culture. For broadcast, OOH, and social.

BET Awards 2019

Our direction for the 2019 BET Awards was grounded in the theme of the show, “Black Excellence – Our Cool.” We developed a system of strong photography with an unconventional backlight. Rich colors make everyone the light shines on look amazingly honor-worthy. At the same time, the BET star serves as our navigation, marking each actor, musician, sports hero as a BET icon.

In Motion

This package featured highly engaging stretching and sliding. Elements move and shift, connecting with the audience in a nearly hypnotic way. Fluid. Ever-evolving.The effect draws you deeper in to each Awards moment.

BET Awards 2016

Here we got iconic. We interpreted the theme of “It’s Lit” by developing a neon-like system of flickering motion, light, and colors. Combined that with bold, fast moving typography, customized symbols, and a shape-shifting star — the elements of the package reflected the emerging trends in black culture while always allowing the stars to shine through.


Minimal, fresh, playful. We designed a system of icons in keeping with our overall aesthetic and that add a touch of edge, as lines move and cut through frame and typography.

Modular System

The design is minimal but bold, a striking modular system that uses a distinct vernacular. Linear elements not only show how we are all connected, but also transform to create graphic iconography representing the different award categories.

BET Awards 2017

In 2017, the theme of the BET Awards was “No More Rules.” That means we could really have some fun. We developed a package that struck an organic balance between tech and design, where the combo of overlapping patterns and constant movement created magic, and any rule around letterforms went quickly out the window.


Dissecting the full English alphabet, we created surprising and fun reimaginings of each letter. Bold graphics. Circles, squares, and clever juxtapositions. The elements creatively move to engage and hold the viewers’ attention.

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