Visual Identity
Where black
culture lives
Cultural ImpactSince its inception in 1980, BET has always been rooted in serving Black people and the Black community.

With a 40 year legacy of celebrating Black excellence, BET is the only brand that represents the fullness of the Black experience. We were handed the responsibility of reimaging the brand. This was very much a revolution, an opportunity to modernize it, but more importantly, to make it feel relevant and future-proof for the years to come. At its core, it was both a branding exercise and a cultural statement.visual identity. Black creators. Black visionaries. Black talent. They all come together in one place.

Black CanvasAs the destination for all forms of Black creative expression, the concept of Black Canvas became the heart of the new visual identity. Black creators. Black visionaries. Black talent. They all come together in one place.
The Master Brand

The master brand is the foundation for the entire ecosystem. Bold and contemporary, it sets the tone, through the use of a distinct motion behavior. Using the corners of the screen and a highly editorial aesthetic, it feels at once restrained and rebellious. An identity system in a constant state of flux.

Custom Glyph SystemWe developed a custom glyph system to increase ownability. A series bespoke glyph characters to be used for special events and activations.
Special Events/ActivationsThe highly flexible logo system allows for new properties to be added or temporary promotions to be seamlessly embedded into the brand architecture (example: Juneteenth or Black History Month).
The sub-brands
Raw. Textured. BoldBET Jams takes a page from the aesthetic of tape cassettes, vinyl, and record stores. Raw, textured, and bold it utilizes a vintage collage feel.
Feminine. Empowered. Sophisticated.With pastel colors, feminine script, and organic shapes, we wanted to highlight the incredible women in the BET family.

The sub-brands have completely unique logos and each have their own distinct voice but feel totally connected to the master brand.

Expressive. Heartfelt. Deep.BET Soul has a more refined feel, highly influenced by the world of R&B, and all that comes with its more heartfelt narrative.
Community Activation

BET has always been rooted in serving the Black community. As part of the Black Canvas concept, we wanted to go beyond media. So we developed a campaign where we curated and partnered with a group of artists nationwide to bring their individual forms of expression to the streets. The Black Canvas as a tangible extension of the brand.

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