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verbal identity
visual identity
a new chapter for tcm
TCMClassic films don’t just live in the past — they continue to inspire, influence, and reflect so much of our present and future.

As TCM’s branding partner, we brought this truth center stage with a new brand identity and tagline for the network.

As curators. As movie lovers. Together with TCM, we chose a path that was “Culture forward — Classic inspired.

where then meets now
TaglineInspired by the idea that “the past is only the beginning,” the tagline we developed — WHERE THEN MEETS NOW — establishes TCM as the destination and catalyst for reframing the conversation around classic films for today.

The tagline is also incredibly flexible and useful as a language system for promotion, Where        Meets        , driving the viewer to this one special hub with every line. Where Timeless Meets Today. Where Fashion Meets Politics. Where Culture Meets Context. Where Dietrich Meets Dustin.

what is classic to you?
VisuallyThe refreshed visual identity was inspired by one simple thought: What you consider to be a classic movie might be very different than what the person next to you thinks, or your children, parents, colleagues, friends, or neighbors.

“Classic” is different to everyone, which speaks to the range of context, history, and personal experience that surrounds each film.

This led us to focus on the “C” of TCM as a constantly changing activator and storyteller with a vast series of interpretations. Each dynamic, original C in the logo was then paired with its own unique motion behavior to embody an energy and evolution for the TCM brand.

TCM Logo
LogoOur logo embraces the range of interpretations of a “Classic.”

When it is activated, The T and M letterforms act as a frame for the ever evolving “C” in between, ultimately landing in its final state.

visual identity
IdentityAs we built out the full refresh package — and in keeping with the overall brand positioning — we chose a typographic system and color palette that would represent modern takes on classic design.

The partnership extended to OOH, social templates, design systems for TCM’s on-air and in-person franchises, and packages for the TCM Film Festival and their presence at the Telluride Film Festival — all to ensure consistency from master brand to all of the sub-brands.

Franchises Within the umbrella brand, we created the identities for 12 distinct sub brands that encompass a diverse range of experiences from cruises, to wines, to news, and most recently -The 2022 TCM Film Festival.
TCM Film festival
All Together NowAfter two years of virtual festivities, the TCM Film Festival made its grand return to in-person in 2022.

Taking over none other than the iconic TCL Chinese Theatre, The Roosevelt Hotel, and many other iconic Hollywood staples.

Following our partnership with TCM on their, we continued our work together on redesigning the brand identity for the 2022 TCM Film Festival, extending out the master brand and uniting classic film lovers of all ages IRL.

the master brand
DesignThe brand identity for the festival is an extension of the TCM master brand in many ways, with the most prominent design element being the dynamic “C” logo.

Just as the “C” of the master TCM logo is an activator and storyteller, the “C” in the TCM Film Festival logo is a nod to the iconic film reel that made up the TCM Film Festival logo in the past. Building off of the custom “C,” overlapping circular motifs, texts, and shapes, all design that pays homage to classic film.

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