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Soul + Science

Amala Beauty is a cult-worthy, holistic wellness brand that serves our skin and our souls with unparalleled precision. 100% organic and born from the German Alps, Amala is devoted to the health of their ingredients and efficacy of their formulas.

Until recently their products were sold exclusively in luxury spas around the globe, catering to those who were willing and able to travel.

However, like many brands, COVID accelerated Amala’s pivot from an in-person purchase to an online / DTC experience, and we were thrilled to be a part of their transition.

From Spa to DTC

The challenge was to steward their brand to their new business model with a visually rich digital and social experience. We leaned into the feeling that the spa locations and products deliver to the consumer.

This solution demanded a visceral, emotive, textural, and environmental approach to draw people in immediately. We set the tone – partnering closely with the UX team to work back and forth on design and implementation for the most clear and beautiful online experience.

Art Direction

The look of the photography was crucial to the experience. We wanted to capture a natural, authentic feel that a lot of beauty photography doesn’t typically have. Serene, textural, natural, warm. The photography had to inspire the senses and transport the viewer, and we worked with the photographer Maeva Delacrois to capture this experience.

Content That Scales

To stand out in a marketplace full of natural beauty brands, our content needed the ability to flex / scale within Amala’s digital ecosystem.

Laddering up to the intersection of soul and science, we carefully created and executed against a matrix of territories that could grow with the brand: sustainability, heritage, efficacy, and transformative experiences.

Utilizing a mix of live action, photography, stock footage, and design, we created a library of assets that funnel through a range of digital and social specs and deliverables.

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