Brand Strategy
Visual Identity

Simple + Secure

Revolutionizing Digital Security
Developed by CompoSecure, Arculus is redefining the digital security experience.

As one of the world’s leading technology partners for premium metal payment cards, CompoSecure was uniquely positioned to innovate in the ever-evolving worlds of crypto and web3.

In the fall of 2021 they introduced Arculus, a new way for people to secure their digital assets – cold storage in the novel, yet familiar, form of a metal card. Behind the scenes, their award-winning team of researchers and developers were also creating patented technology for businesses to keep their customers safe, and put the future of digital security in every wallet.

Brand Strategy

Our challenge was to unify a diversified business with a complex offering under one brand – no small feat for a technology that has both B2C and B2B applications. We executed a top-to-bottom strategy that helped to (re)define the brand and product architecture, bringing clarity to the Arculus offering today and their ambitions for the future.

Positioning the brand at the unique intersection of simplicity and security, we developed a comprehensive guide to communicating the complicated technology through straightforward benefits.

Refined Brand SystemTaking inspiration from Arculus’ newly established brand purpose–to unlock simple, sleek, and secure digital asset protection for all–we modernized their stance with a radical new visual identity. A sophisticated yet approachable look humanizes the brand, cutting through a category saturated with dark, ominous threats and unfriendly lockbox imagery.
A product forward logo

We updated Arculus’ existing mark to find consistent angles, balanced letterforms, and purposeful details. In the leading “A” we introduced a new element, replacing the original square with a rounded rectangle–a subtle nod to the differentiating form factor of the Arculus product.

galvanizing Color

The Arculus color palette is also grounded in its form factor–the metal card. Reminiscent of natural elements, the colors elicit a tactile sensation of texture and dimension.

concise Typography

The Arculus type family balances personality with function. Direct and clearly legible, it retains flourishes making it immediately recognizable and ownable to Arculus.

Dynamic ApplicationWith the comprehensive brand strategy as our guide, we built a flexible system that would work across the Arculus portfolio and speak to both customers and end users. Using the shape of the card as our unifying device, we created discrete yet complementary templates that could be tailored to each side of the business.
Intuitive Motion Behavior We developed a motion theory that mimics the end users’ gestures when interacting with the card–tapping, swiping, flipping. Capturing a sleekness that feels intuitive, a simplicity that clarifies the product and offering, and most importantly, is distinctly Arculus.

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