Brand Refresh

Visual Identity
Evolving the
Extraordinary legacy of NBC

NBC has been a content powerhouse for almost a century, impacting the cultural landscape with genre-defying, record-breaking programs every year. With every extraordinary talent, every compelling story, and every groundbreaking show — NBC is always original.

Together, we worked to define a new brand expression that celebrates the network’s legacy and future as the gold standard in entertainment.
Our new logo honors the legendary bird icon with streamlined simplicity and clarity.

Over 97 years, NBC's logo has evolved many times, with each change reflecting the network's growth and technological innovation. For this next chapter of NBC, we freed the bird of its outline and opened up the spacing of the feathers to allow for increased legibility and scalability across all platforms and screens.

NBC has a proud history of pushing the boundaries of possibility, reflected in its original storytelling and inclusive culture.

We showcase NBC's vibrant spirit through an ever-changing spectrum of gradients. By mixing and remixing the colors of NBC, we reinforce the endless possibilities for creativity that the network fosters. These colorways provide a backbone for the identity, creating a home for content, graphics, and typography.

Design System
To amplify brand recognition, we created an ownable system that leverages the feathers from NBC's iconic bird. The feathers can hold content, frame talent, and move dynamically, allowing for versatility and flexibility within NBC’s brand DNA.
Brand alignment & attribution
We strategically united NBC with Peacock, NBCU’s digital streaming service, by aligning core colors and introducing a fluid animation that bridges the two brands.

We also created a style guide for logo integration across the NBCUniversal ecosystem and attribution guidelines that provide cohesion across all of NBC Entertainment’s print, digital, and broadcast content.

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