Brand Launch

A new visual identity for a next-generation digital media company
CafeMedia + AdThrive are now Raptive, a new kind of company transforming creators into global brands and lasting businesses.

Despite their success, the company’s various initiatives and acquisitions created a fragmented identity that made it difficult to understand who they are, what they do, and what they stand for. Facing an inflection point, CafeMedia + AdThrive decided to rebrand and unite under one banner as Raptive.

Our challenge was to create a new vibrant identity that would speak to the range of creators and advertisers at every touch point.

Design PrinciplesThe Raptive visual identity is defined by the action and momentum of the brand. Amplifying the electrifying moment that momentum begins. Transforming the trajectory of Raptive publishers. Activating powerful connections with audiences.
A forward-facing logo

The Raptive logo captures the essence of who they are. It is confident and bold, speaking to both lifestyle and technology-focused audiences. The ownable 'R' pushes forward with energy. Together the letterforms express approachable authority in their combination of curves and angles, and refinement in their details.

Energy Shapesdrive the brand forward. These forms can be used to guide, frame, emphasize, and can substitute imagery when needed. Combined with movement and message, they are at the core of the brand system.
Color & Typography that spark conversation

An energetic palette shines boldly and vividly, inspired by jewel tones that radiate and grounded by modern neutrals in select moments.

The dynamic combination of sans and serif reads as elegant yet approachable, direct yet friendly, tech-savvy yet editorial, and legible yet unique.

"Our new creative direction expresses who we are today and signals where we are headed on our mission to power creator independence." - Tara Jepson, SVP, Brand, Raptive
Visualizing InformationWe built a suite of graphic tools that can speak directly to Raptive audiences – both creators and advertisers. Icons and data vis remain clear, branded, and dynamic.
MotionWe developed a practical and ownable system of motion behavior that heightens the sense of momentum, activating the energy shapes and messaging to drive deeper engagement with the brand in digital environments.

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