TCM Film festival

Visual Identity

All Together Now

After two years of virtual festivities, the TCM Film Festival made its grand return to in-person in 2022. Taking over none other than the iconic TCL Chinese Theatre, The Roosevelt Hotel, and many other iconic Hollywood staples.

Following our partnership with TCM on their 2021 rebrand, we continued our work together on redesigning the brand identity for the 2022 TCM Film Festival, extending out the master brand and uniting classic film lovers of all ages IRL.

The Master Brand

The brand identity for the festival is an extension of the TCM master brand in many ways, with the most prominent design element being the dynamic “C” logo.

Just as the “C” of the master TCM logo is an activator and storyteller, the “C” in the TCM Film Festival logo is a nod to the iconic film reel that made up the TCM Film Festival logo in the past. Building off of the custom “C,” overlapping circular motifs, texts, and shapes, all design that pays homage to classic film.

Star-Studded Affair

With over 30,000 movie lovers coming together from all around the globe, the TCM Film Festival is a grand Hollywood tradition and remains an unparalleled opportunity to see the greatest films in history on the big screen, just as they were intended.We had a blast working with TCM to help get many of Hollywood’s classic landmarks dressed up for the occasion.

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